Research on forensic psychology incorporates everything related to criminal behavior but is generally considered to be a subdivision of psychological criminology.  Forensic psychology tends to focus on the study and application of psychological knowledge to the civil and criminal justice systems.

Forensic psychology can thus be divided into:

  • police psychology
  • psychology of crime and delinquincy
  • correctional psychology
  • psychology and law
  • victim services
  • delivery of evaluation of intervention and treatment programs for juvenile and adult offenders

In short, forensic psychology focuses on individual criminal behavior as well as the science of the behavior and mental processes of the criminal.

Therefore, the history of research on forensic psychology can be divided into three main sections (1) How to Catch a Criminal–Criminal Justice page (2) How to Classify a Criminal–Criminals page, and (3) How to Prosecute a Criminal–Juries page.

Presented by: Ashley DuVal

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